V_LAB Team

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V_LAB. Team

Patrick van Schayik


Carola van Boort


Eddy Versmissen

Patrick comes from a world of textiles and interior design. A natural sense of colours, combinations and dimensions is indispensable if you want to create beautiful products. Patrick has got this gift and knows exactly how to refine rough inspirations and ideas.


Carola has a fine nose for trends and finds inspiration everywhere: at fairs, in magazines and on the street. Often the first idea for a new product is hers. With her unerring sense for beauty she is the perfect soundboard within V_LAB.


Realising innovative developments means thinking out of the box and Eddy has got the talent and creativity to do so. His technical background helps him to actually realise the projects and to achieve the best quality. Giving up or letting go are verbs he doesn’t know and he is the motor of V-LAB’s design team.