Metropolitan Collection

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We started with an interesting and challenging idea to translate metropolitan subcultures into furniture. Just like cultures, which develop over the years, this collection took a lot of time and ‘trial and error’ to grow. We are very proud of the result and hope you will like our latest collection too!

V_LAB distinguishes three subcultures within a metropolis that overlap and influence each other. The Metropolitan Collection represents both these separate cultures as well as their connection, which has been visualised through the use of colours.

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Uptown stands for warm, elegant, fancy, luxurious, timeless and sophisticated. Downtown encloses stylish, contemporary, modern, trendy, young and dynamic. Underground, the world of graffiti and tattoos, is the personification of rough, raw, worn and tough.

Numerous experiments with modern techniques on high quality furniture fabrics and natural materials have lead to a surprising and sustainable collection of furniture.

The Metropolitan Collection is made for intensive use and therefore also suitable for furnishing all kind of projects and public spaces.


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