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If you are practically born in a warehouse full of antiques and you grow up between cabinets, beds, tables, mirrors, vases and other home accessories, two things can happen: either you want something completely different with your life or you never want to leave that world.

For the founders of V_LAB it is clear: the love for furniture and materials is genetically determined. In addition, they are spoon-fed with entrepreneurship by their father, owner of Versmissen Antiques. Holidays in France and Spain are mainly spent at antique and flea markets and at the family homes of well-acquainted antique dealers.

Barely old enough to be able to count, the kids get a small amount to make purchases themselves. An experience that comes in very handy once they are old enough to travel to the United States, Indonesia, Sweden and other places around the globe to look for antique, vintage and retro but also new styles and trends.

Inspired by everything they see and experience, family company Versmissen specializes in interiors in which different cultures, materials and styles blend together. It is their trademark for which worldwide customers come to The Netherlands.

Along with this success, there is a growing desire to create beautiful and practical things themselves. V_LAB is born. V_LAB where extreme ideas bubble and creative initiatives become reality. Terms like ‘redesign’ and ‘recycling’ get new meaning thanks to the innovative way in which authentic manufacturing methods and original materials are handled. Fine examples of this process are lampshades from recycled wood as well as 18th century, redesigned trestle tables.

V_LAB is a breeding ground for national and international designers who create global furniture. In the heart of the creative industry of Eindhoven we are working with a wonderful collective of designers on a corresponding collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories. A V_LAB object is invariably practical, sometimes extreme but always unique, honest and of high quality.

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